Frequently Asked Questions

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1. How do I report child or woman abuse?
If you believe your fundamental human rights are infringed upon, please report this abuse to the Human Rights Protection Unit. Specifically for Child and Woman abuse, telephone 01-761-7508 to report it promptly.


2. What does the Committee of Wives of Lagos State Officials (COWLSO) stand for?
The Committee of the Wives of Lagos State Officials (COWLSO) consists of members that are interested in promoting children healthcare, empowering women and protecting our environment, specifically in Lagos State and Nigeria.


3. I’ve never being married to a Lagos State official, can I still contribute to the ideals of COWLSO?
Yes! You can volunteer your talents, time and other personal skills or you can contribute your resources (funds or items) to help fulfill our goals as a group. COWLSO appreciates your contributions to achieve the Lagos of our dreams. Please, click here to see several great reasons on why you need to become our partner now! All COWLSO projects are listed here.


4. How do I donate funds to COWLSO?
Please, issue your bank draft to The Committee of Wives of Lagos State Officials (COWLSO). You still need to fill our Online donation form to indicate the amount you are sending and your preferred areas of needs this gift should be used for.


5. Where do I send my donations?
You can send your donations to:
The Committee of Wives of Lagos State Officials (COWLSO),
State House, Marina ,
Lagos, Nigeria.


6. Can I participate in the National Women Conference (NWC) organized by COWLSO?
Yes! You, however, need to fill and print the online registration form for the National Women Conference. In addition, you need to send your fee, as a bank draft, to our mailing address listed above.


7. Who are the past recipients of the COWLSO Inspirational Woman Award?
COWLSO awards honour to whom it’s due. The list of all recipients of the Inspirational Woman Award is available here.